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Hamburg Strummer?


[edit] Current Obsessions

The Bloodhound Gang, especially the song "Mope"

[edit] Eeeet's Pronounced...

My username is pronounced "sk-ah-p" not "squap." "Sk-aa-p" is okay, but not "Sk-ay-p." Do try to pay attention...

[edit] Why Sqap?

No reason. Well, actually, I was listening to a James Brown interview on some TV show, and he's throw in random noises, totally randomly. Sqap! Was one of those. I thought it was funny. So, that's it.

[edit] Why so many headlines?

I like headlines! Besides, why not take advantage of wiki formatting? It's easy, totally. I can dance.

[edit] Fave Character:

Vector SB: "Hellote."

[edit] And Now, I Choose To Recite A List:

[edit] aardvark

[edit] demolished

[edit] soda pop and vinegar

[edit] old shoes

[edit] nordic

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