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Everybody! Everybody!
Don't you like me?

This is Sparky221, and i love and I especially like the peasents quest game. I hope to help Hr wiki if they miss something that i see. Well, see you later. Check in later for more... things.


May 17, 2005- Created user name and page May 26, 2005- Added a response to a comment in the Unamed Girl discussion area May 26, 2005- Added a goof and a remark to a comment in the Teen Girl Squad 8 page May 29, 2005- Added some pictures to my User Page

Mistakes I Found

  • In the Strong Bad email, Rampage, after Strong Sad finishes his poem for the second time, Marzipan says "would be" twice.
  • In Strong Bad's character page, Homestar said "and WITH a snake on my head", but in the transcript, it read "and THERE'S a snake on my head"
  • In the minor Teen Girl Squad characters page, near the end, it said What's Her Face's guitar turned into a shark, when it's supposed to be her bass turned into a shark
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