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Marshmallow Mafia!

I am Somos buenos amigos, or you can call me Travis, Leo, or Captain Chuck, whichever you prefer. 2021

Ğ İ Ş ğ ı ş hahaha those things are awesome

uhm..... I use alot of .'s and ,'s... I like to say Canada es muchos grande fiesta, alot.... and i say douglas, alot... which i didn't plan to be from the cheattalk email. but, it is...<span/>


[edit] The History of Douglas

might as well be a new thingy right? Right. okay so as the story goes. "once upon a time, there was a me, and my friends named Ian, Kirsten, Andrew, and Nick. and well, nick doesn't exactly speak english since me and Ians crazyness rubbed off on him (he got the worst of both of us).... so, Andrew said he'd give me five bucks if i could get Nick to say something in english. so i went up to him and said "Nick, say Douglas" (i know it sounds like its off of cheattalk but i seriously just started saying douglas for no reason like 3 minutes before that)... anyways, Nick hissed at me. so i said "dooouuugglas" (slower so he could understand).... and he said "I'm gunna kill Douglas!"... then, Andrew owed me 5 bucks...." so anyone who wasted their time reading that story you might as well just talk to me cuz I'll probably like you if you listen to all my non sense.

[edit] My HR Experiance

haha, experiance,, thats a big word. uhm.. The first homestar I saw was dragon when my sister told me about it, and that was followed by japanese cartoon and Techno

then after I watched those like fifty times each I watched all the other emails.. then all the other toons.. and I've pretty much seen everything on the site now, but nothing on the DVD sets that's not on the site..

[edit] Things I Probably Said

Uhm... so far I've only edited the Strong Mad page adding some musical info

[edit] Quotes I Use

  • "These clothes smell like grandmas."
  • and pretty much anything from TGS.
  • "Here comes Mike, he's on the Mike... Control. Chiggity here comes Mike, he's on the Mike... Control. Miggity here comes Mike, he's on the Mike... Control."
  • "Mar-zi-pan, Marzipan! What do you wanna make? You wanna make some wood-davers with me? I got pine cones! I got peanut butter! I got everything we need! I said pine cones! pine cones! Gonna be successful! Gonna be phenomenally successful! Sell 'em at the corner store! Sell 'em at the five and dime! Marzipan, you gotta get on the train, get on the wood-davers train! Here goes the wood-davers train! It's takin' off! It's a new century!"

The sad thing is I actually say allllll of that.

  • ..... and pretty much everything...

[edit] Other Stuff I Do


  • Skateboarding
  • Hanging out with my friends.
  • I play guitar, Bass, and I sing like a mad man, probably
  • 3D Animation & Photoshop.
  • Botany
  • Web Programming. mostly just HTML.
  • Photography.
  • thats about all.
  • I also like to eat food occasionally.

The future is you! probably

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