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Image:sth.jpg== Oh hey, yo! I'm Solar128! Umm, seriously... ==

I love Homestar Runner, it is so awesome! They should make a TV show.

I'm almost a teenager & I live in Canada. I really wish I could make my own website, but the tutorials are WAY too hard!!!

I love to do spriting, it's wicked awesome. I already have my own character, Solar The Hedgehog.

You should go to It's an awesome website with flash movies like My favourites are "The Llama Song", '"Do You Like Waffles?" & my all time favourite, "THE DEMENTED CARTOON MOVIE!!!"

I also have 3 old Apple laptops, I'd love to just take one & videotape myself typing on SimpleText (the word processor) & post it on a website to make it look like I'm doing a Strong Bad E-Mail. I LOVE THOSE!

Well, I guess that's it, maybe next time, I'll put in a picture of Solar The Hedgehog. YOU CAN NEVER CHALLENGE A SPRITER LIKE ME!!! Ok, I'll shut up now...

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