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Hello People I am smallowman. I got this name from Mr.Shmallow and also because I like marshmallows 220px-Mr_Shmallow_makes_good.png marshmallow.jpg

[edit] About Me

Favorite Character: Homsar

Favorite Food: Marshmallows (not suprisingly)

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite TGS character: Whats Her Face

Favorite Sport: Swimming 180px-Keep_cool.PNG

Here is a picture of me


[edit] Favorite Character Quotes

Homestar: Now let me outline my master plan!! I will A: Drop my grapes and B: Uncovoh that cheat!!

The Homestar Runner: It's December-ween Rumble Red the most sanitary time of the year when everyone piles up all the dead rats they've accumulated throughout the year

Rumble Red: Oh nothing really....long lines.....expensive breads.

Strong Bad: Who's writing this issue the geniuses behind She-Hulk?

Strong Sad: Don't you touch that bleblibblehblow

Strong Mad: I CAN'T SPELL YOU!!!

The Cheat: (oh wait I can't understand him)

Marzipan: I just figured out the cheat is declawed and I don't think I could be with someone who supports that kind of cruelty

King of Town: You've got to feed and feed the hiccups until they evolve into liver failure

Bubs: Throtaling you down???!!! That's not one of my 99 ways of ripping you off!!

Coach Z: Get your head in the game the chort the cheat is wide open

Pom-Pom('s best action): Beating the crap out of Strong Bad 180px-Sbemail108.png

The Poopsmith: Oooooooohhhh yeah (it could be him)

Homsar: I'm not gonna lie to ya that's a healthy piece of real-estate

Whats-her-face and the Ugly One: Chubly Wumbly bear song

Cheerleader: It's mine it's 100 shut it off!

So and So: A coughiversery how romantic

Stinkoman: Nice moves big nose...... Your nose

1-up: I want pudding

Marshie: Stack 'em to the heavens stack 'em to the heavens I could write a song called stack 'em to the heavens

and that is about it

[edit] Favorite Cartoon

My favorite cartoon is a hard choice because they all have their moments. I would have to say that I have two. I like narrator because of the your goose is cooked thing at the end me and my cousin couldn't stop laughing after that and next is probably retirement Oh man i couldn't stop laughing especially after Oh, Child! It's the Teal Screen of Near Death! (TSoND) now that was killer 180px-sbemail159a.png

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