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"Keegan D. Jones" created a toolbar for use on the Firefox web browser called the H*R Toolbar. This toolbar add-on to fire fox is a humorous extension that allows you to access all of the Homestar Runner site in a nifty tool bar.

Version 3.1, released on Nov 28, 2006, Has features that allow you to search the famous site, and, or go directly to any section of on the navbar (except the podcast section or any of main pages) with a drop down list. The tool bar also has drop down list to allow the user to go to a random toon:

There are also forward and backward buttons for the Strong Bad E-mails which allow the user to view the previous or next SB Email.
On top of it all, if the useru happen to find a toon, character, or anything in a toon that interests you, they can click the "Wiki This" button which will take them to the wiki page for the current toon they are viewing.

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