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[edit] A little about me


My name is Shaun. I joined HRWiki in October 2006. I love Homestar Runner. I like music, too. I play guitar, drums, ukulele, and lots of other things and my favorite bands include The White Stripes, Nirvana, Beck, The Smashing Pumpkins, Blanche, and The Raconteurs. I love the Internet. I spend about half my life on the internet. I like to drink Dr. Pepper and Coca-Cola as well as Sprite and Sunkist. I like Lays, chicken, baked potatos, and oddly enough, fruit roll-ups. I also like writing in small text. I'm also a Wikipedian and an Uncylopedian. I like to watch Family Guy. My favorite word as of today is "pinpoint". Rock on.

[edit] My music

[edit] Favorite toons

[edit] Regular toons/shorts

Arcade Game, Weclome Back

[edit] Strong Bad emails

50 emails, death metal, guitar

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