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[edit] Intro

Hi, I'm Sephiroth, and I've just come here to update my userpage!!

I am 20 years old, enjoy long walks at the beach, glasses of red wine, and smooth jazz music and I totally miss the Fanstuff Wiki as it's death nearly/pretty much contributed to the destruction of the whole entire community we spent years building up there! :D

My favorite Homestuck Runner character is Pom Pom because he makes bubble sounds!! bobbleboblblelasdklf;gkdg;ldjgfh;kdj

[edit] my literal one and only crowning achievement

  • Snot - Made the page, because snot is a thing that I believe is important enough to be documented on this highly integral site. Without snot, we would be much worse off. And while some may say that it's SNOT a problem, I would like to counter by saying that they are total drips. But yes, I made this page, it is my own and I am proud and I hope you all love and care for it like I love and care for myself.

[edit] Userboxes

no thank you

Thank you for reading this page, and let it be known that I still totally miss the Fanstuff Wiki and I mourn its loss still!! :D

oh yeah and i also contribute to the wiki user wiki

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