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That's right, it's Tilde Man (the real one that stood up). Tilde Man is considered a semi-regular to the Wiki and Wiki Forum. Only semi because he has other things to do. Not saying regulars don't have other things to do. Them regulars are the cool style. But don't quote me on that. Please, don't.

[edit] Current Status

  • Movie: Edward Scissorhands
  • Music: Bak Et Halleluja - Kaizers Orchestra
  • Chips: Jalpeño Chips
  • Soup: Tortilla
  • Pasta: Cheese Tortellini
  • Pizza: Pepperoni
  • Ice Cream: Vanilla
  • Book: A Tale of Two Cities
  • Webtoon: Bonus Stage
  • Console: Nintendo DS
  • Next Gen Console: Nintendo Revolution
  • Video Game: Animal Crossing: Wild World
  • Compy: Dell Dimension 4600 (-_-) It's teh suxor.
  • Browser: Firefox
  • Location: The Twilight Zone
  • Feeling: Bored
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