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Well, I guess there's not a whole lot to say about me. I found the wiki through Google and I first got introduced to H*R back in 7th grade.

I'm a big fan of ABBA (the 70's Swedish band, which was NOT disco... okay, they did one disco album, but that one doesn't count) and when I'm online I mostly hang around on ABBA sites and forums. (Not the official one though. Some people there are too crazy, even for me!) And, although no one here will know what I'm talking about, my favorite member is Bjorn, my favorite album is "The Visitors", and my favorite song is "Summer Night City".

My favorite video games are the "Legend of Zelda" series. ("Saria" was my favorite character from "Ocarina of Time".)

Guess that's all I got to say right now...

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