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hey. I'm an user on this wiki. X)


[edit] Why and Why?

I mostly really suck when it comes to remembering junk, so that's why i use this page for junk than other junk. |:P

[edit] Results for Contests

[edit] Results for Jumping Jack Contest

Place Contestants Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4
1 Homestar Runner Success Success Success Winner
2 Strong Bad Success Success Success Lose
3 Pom Pom Success Success Success Lose
4 Bubs Success Lose
5 Strong Sad Quit

[edit] Results for The Strongest Man in the World Contest

Place Contestants Grapes Time
1 Pom Pom 22 N/A
2 Strong Bad 22 1:21
3 Homestar Runner 22 1:10
4 The Robot 21 0:30
5 Señor 21 0:14
6 Mr. Bland 20 0:04
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