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So...this is my page... I'll find good use for it...later.


[edit] About Me

I am a proud, and somewhat nationalistic, Canadian from Ottawa. I first learned about Homestar when I was in middle school, and I loved it!. Alas, I never found out the site address. A few years later, I decided to seek out Homestar for I had not seen the site in almost two years. I found it easily, and the next year, I discovered hrwiki. Now, I am a proud member. Thank you to Thunderbird for the welcome. |-


[edit] My Favourites

  • My favourite character is Homestar Runner. Strong Bad's okay, but I just don't get on well with (CENSORED!).
  • My favourite toon is... I think it's Where's The Cheat.
  • My favourite SB E-mail is "Army". I've always found the idea of someone trying to stand up his own rag-tag army funny.
  • My favourite game is presently Trogdor! The title may pass to the upcoming Cheat Commandos game.

[edit] What I've done

  • Believe it or not, I once sent an E-mail to Strong Bad asking about Strongbadia's space program! The one that was shown is not my E-mail, and to be honest, I was hoping that Strong Bad answering the E-mail would involve The Cheat getting strapped to a massive firework.
  • I once tried to design a real-time-stratagy game called Homestarmy. Players would take the side of the Homestarmy, or the SBAF (Strongbadian Armed Forces). The story involved Strong Badia and Free Country, USA becoming increasingly populated and Strong Bad ultimately trying to invade Free Country, USA, and finally being defeated by the Homestarmy. I gave up, once I realized how stupid the idea was.
  • I carved a relief sculpture of Homestar's mug out of clay.

[edit] My Surveys

Once a month, I hold a survey among the Hrwiki members. Feel free to participate!

Survey #1

Who has sent an E-mail to Strong Bad, and what was it about?

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