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as you can see, we've had our eyes on you for some time, Mr. Anderson. it seems you have been living two lives. in one, you are a hot dog man. it the other, you sell potatoes. one of these lives has a future, Mr. Anderson, and the other does not. the question is, which one?

tell me if you have an answer!


finally, I made a page all by myself! this morning I logged on and found that other days had no page, so I made one, and an Easter Eggs page! I feel so... useful! I have made a step forward in the name of progress! My mark has been made on the world! I am... I am...

pitifully nerdy.

speaking of which, here's my blog:

even better, here's my website, hosted on my own server:

[edit] Comments

POTATOES! POTATOES! Maybe he should just start selling popcorn. By the way, this was genuinely funny. Good jorb, PPOTR. ~ AgentSeethroo

thanx -PPOTR

Shouldn't this be "pianistontheroof"? - ij

Ja, du �r verkligen fr�n Sverige (it means: yes, you're really from Sweden). -Maudi Algabban

You're pianoplayerontheroof from Sweden, eh? -Maudi Algabban

not from Sweden, just living here. -PPOTR

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