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Hooray! You found a userpage!

If lost, please return it to NotWyoming.


[edit] "Hi, hello!"

I am a magical new person. Woooo.

Okay, actually, I'm not all that magical. I'm pretty new though, and I make mistakes that new folks make. I also make mistakes that don't have anything with how new I am. Those ones don't make any sense. Like how I can't spell macatoni. Er, macaroni.

Anyway, I'm terribly unused to wikis. It's going to be interesting making updates on the computer with the keyboard that has the broken tilde key. Can I get away with typing tildetildetildetilde? Probably not.

[edit] Things I Am

  • Myself
  • A person, and sometimes a thing
  • Still learning
  • Very silly
  • Somebody who draws for fun
  • Putting "Hooray!" at both ends of this page
  • Going to add to this in the future

[edit] Things I Am Not

  • Wyoming
  • A place
  • Often mistaken for Wyoming
    • or any other state in the union
  • Good at coming up with screen names
  • About to jump out that window
  • Eating crayons. I swear I'm not!

[edit] Superpowers

Setting Alarms Off 
It's pretty funny actually. Once I was in a bookstore and I hadn't found what I was looking for, so I just walked out without anything. The alarms went crazy. And another time I was lighting a candle and all the smoke detectors in the house went off. Yet another time, I was trying to enter an amusement park and set off the detectors there. Then once a vending machine's alarm went off while I was walking past it. Cuh-razy.
Deathly Static Touch 
Pizza-Related Ineptitude 
Whenever people are around me and cooking a pizza, they always seem to mess it up. One time I was talking to my brother when he was putting leftover pizza in the microwave, and he accidentally set the timer to twenty-something minutes and didn't notice until the kitchen smelled like burning pizza. Then there was this other time when I was at a friend's house, and she was cooking one of those frozen pizza things. She wasn't paying attention and didn't put it in right, and it got disgusting and soggy. Then there was this other other time, and my dad was making a pizza while I was talking to him, and he accidentally used way more garlic than the recipe called for. It was awful! Unfortunately for me, I can't ever cook pizza correctly. I've tried.
Subconsciously Drawing Smiley Faces on Schoolwork 
I generally get around 5-20 smiley faces in a class period. And I shade them.

[edit] The End

This is the end of the page. Hooray!

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