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Hey everybody. I am just figuring out how to do this. Homestarrunner is cool. So is the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy, but they messed up the movie. (Read the books) Haven't seen starwars yet.

[edit] Cheat Theories

Here's my theories about everybody's favorite little yellow squeaky thing.

[edit] Theory 1: Origins

What exactly is the cheat, anyway? Nobody seems to know, but I think it someone once guessed that he was from space. Homestar called him a yellow dog.

I think I know what he is.

Have you ever heard of a snipe hunt? You know, you tell some people that you're going on a snipe hunt, then take them out in the woods at night and leave them, or scare them, or something? Because there's no such thing as a snipe; it's just something you do to gullible people.
I bet The Cheat is a snipe. It makes sense!
Slightly off topic: wiki stuff is weird. I guess I can't make it indent the way I thought I could

[edit] Strongbad's The Cheat Dependance

Strong Bad seems to be a pretty cool guy. However, he acts rather strangly in the e-mail 130: do over. The Cheat and Homestar switch places, and stuff just starts going downhill from there. From this I can hypothosize that Strongbad is not as cool as he thinks. He just feeds of The Cheat. He's totally dependant on the little guy. I bet The Cheat even writes his lines for him! Especially in the songs, where we all thought Strong Bad was just making them up. They turned out ok; but now look at Do Over, when SB tries to serenade Ali and Ali's sister.

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