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So...hey.I'm no hay nick libre ,wich is Spanish for "there's no avaliable nick" or something like that.I'm not sure in how to translate it.

I'm a fan of since....FEBRUARY OF 2010!!!So yeah,I still have a lot of cartoons to see

[edit] What I'll do in HRWiki?

I'm planning to start making Spanish translations of some of the toons,so the Spanish audience can enjoy Homestar Runner as much as I do.I'll also post my translations in of the largest Spanish forums)as well as some of other's users translations(If they don't mind)

I'm also planning to have a nice wife and three blonde kids,but i don't think that that will matter to you.

(I'm starting to realize how much I suck at English.Don't worry,i'm better in traslating into spanish)

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