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[edit] being mean Comentary

HOMESTAR: Mike why didn't you call this email be-sing mean?

MIKE: Be-sing mean? Well it's a Strong Bad Email, and Strong Bad— says being mean. Only you say be-sing mean.

HOMESTAR: No it's the real way to do it, Strong Bad be-s mean.

MIKE: d—

HOMESTAR: Do you see the difference? I can say being mean, I know what that means.

MIKE: Okay.

HOMESTAR: Strong Bad doesn't be mean to me.

MIKE: He be-s mean?

HOMESTAR: He be-s me-s.

MIKE: Wait, bees?

HOMESTAR: {laughes} Well—

MIKE: Are bees involved?

HOMESTAR: It's as stinging as a bee.


HOMESTAR: He has used- He HAS used bees. Prepeviosly.

MIKE: Hot bees?

HOMESTAR: Hot bees.


HOMESTAR: So, why would you ask Strong Bad be-s nice, 'you know?

MIKE: It teaches kids to be-s nice?


MIKE: Yeah?

HOMESTAR: He's a poor wole model. Wu- Wuubuger. Wuggha- WUUBUGER.

MIKE: {laughes} Havin' some problem, with the wor—

HOMESTAR: No I got it now. Just had it in close to the mike'.

MIKE: Oh okay {laughes]

HOMESTAR: Yeah. {pause} Ummmm... {pause} You know. Why does that guy live with his ex-wife's parents?

MIKE: {laughes}

HOMESTAR: What kind of weird arangment is that like?

MIKE: {laughes} His ex wife probably left him for... stunt man?


MIKE: Or a—

HOMESTAR: Like Crack Stuntman?

MIKE: Rodeo clown?


MIKE: And the parent in laws probably felt sorry for him because—

HOMESTAR: OOOH look at all of those flavors! I had, um Green Mint.

MIKE: Uh-huh.

HOMESTAR: Yellow Sun.

MIKE: {laughes}

HOMESTAR: Purple... Grapes.

MIKE: {laughes} Uh-huh.

HOMESTAR: And the other color, which we didn't get a chance to look at.

MIKE: So grape, artificially grape, artificial grape flavor, are—

HOMESTAR: I'd had some grape gaterwag.

MIKE: Doesn't taste like grapes.

HOMESTAR: No It tastes like melted grape flavored popsicles.

MIKE: {laughes} Yeah.

HOMESTAR: Which doesn't taste like grapes either. OOH! Look at that!

MIKE: Look at that 3-D rotation.

HOMESTAR: That almost looks like cinamatik!

MIKE: {laughes}

HOMESTAR: Do you think it's quite cinimatik?

MIKE: What is happening to the King of Town here?

HOMESTAR: It looks like he's getting the brain blow.

MIKE: mmm-hmm.

HOMESTAR: The ol' Brainblow city. {pause} Yay! {Claps hands} Yay!

MIKE: Have you ever seen theise guys before?

HOMESTAR: I have one time they put this one on called "Use the Band-Aid".

MIKE: {laughes}

HOMESTAR: The squape- The squapanator

MIKE: {laughes}

HOMESTAR: There was some nice spot lights in that class room.

MIKE: Yeah it's kinda white already for the— thiese spot lights, suprising.


MIKE: {kicking} I'm gonna kick this door here Homestar.

HOMESTAR: Strong Mad doesn't even have no pants on he wears a wresling gear. How come he doesn't have that chin strap that wrestlers use?

MIKE: Yeah.

HOMESTAR: That has the headphones on it.

MIKE: I don't think Strong Mad, I think it would be impossible to construct a head gear for Strong Mad.

HOMESTAR: We 'oughta try it.

MIKE: He doesn't have ears to cover up.

HOMESTAR: See look, Marzipan knows whats up! That-a girl Marzipan! Give her the juice!

MIKE: {laughes}

HOMESTAR: Aw man this is the worst part! In the band-aid one he just went like "band-aid, all the time, laughing man with band-aid brand

MIKE: {laughes} All right.

HOMESTAR: Yeah. It was all a big advertisment for {higher voice} band-aid bran.

MIKE: bandages, not band-aid.

HOMESTAR: It's called bandages, more—

MIKE: Yeah.

BOTH: More Bandages.

HOMESTAR: 'Cause I got more bandages than you.

MIKE: Are you asleep again right now?


MIKE: Are you asleep again?

HOMESTAR: Not anymore {now scared} I'm gonna have nightmares about that shark. {pause} {more scared} Ah blah blah blah...

MIKE: {laughes}

[edit] Glitch Blog

This is my glitch blog, where I blog about the glitches I find in SBCG4AP. If a glitch is already named, tell me.

1. Happened: 12/17/08

  Submitted: 12/21/09
  Episode: 1 Homestar Ruiner
  I call it: (haven’t thought of name)
  Description: So I was composing an email, but when I clicked on the black nothing ness of the screen...well...I'd say the Lappy turned off and SB's reflection disappeared. I'd say that Strong Sad wasn't letting SB in because he was learning wizard tricks! So he made Strong Buh and Lappy's tail DISSAPERE!!! Ok maybe not....

2. Happened: Sometime in January or February of 09

   Submitted: 12/21/09
   Episode: 1
   I call it: (haven’t thought of name)
   Description: I don't know how this happened, but I somehow got a full view of the house like in some picture on this wiki, but the picture was from Strong Badia the Free, this is from Homestar Ruiner, and I can't see Strong Mad's room or Srong Bad's room (not to be confused with the computer room).

2.5. I got the Tech Shirt Glitch to work... if that makes any sense.

3. Happened: ???

   Submitted: 12/28/09
   Episode: 1
   I call it: The "Ghosts of Parties Past" Glitch
   Description: I think the wiki knows this glitch... But the party people came back after the party. If I take a picture, it'll freeze.

4. Happend: On purpose. I use this a lot sometimes. But I forget when I first used it.

   Submitted: 12/28/09
   Episode: 2 Strong Badia the Free
   (I'm not naming it. I'll leave that to who discovered it. I didn't discover it.)
   Description: I love this glitch, some youtuber I think goes by the name of MASTERLINKX discovered it. If you use the Lappy or the Snacky and press 2 at the exact time you get on the computer, you can use the camera while you play the game. for more detail watch the vid.

5. Happened: 12/19/09

   Submitted: 12/21/09
   Episode: 4 Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective.
   I call it: The "A Must Need for Glasses" Glitch
   Description: After the game, look at the chair, look at the chair again in the dream, then you get the glasses on no matter what. They come off after the dream. I was wearing a monocle at the time, but if u try it with the monocle and it doesn't work, then it will work if you wear my favorite get-up...which there should be a picture of.

[edit] Countries

Homsar Resevation
Flag of Strong Badia
Homsar Reservation's Flag. Homsar's Bowler hat and his Parents
Language Homsar
Sovereign Homsar (possibly)
Population Unknown. At least 1 or 2.
Currency Unknown
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