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[edit] Who I Am

I am Neo Exelor (Neo M. P. Exelor if you want my full name, but nevertheless.). The first email I watched was Techno, (Or was it dragon, im sure it was Techno, anyway). The first toon you say? Ill tell you. It was A Jorb Well Done. I thought it was funny for the time, but now being the Homestar fan I am, I think the other things are funny.

Eh, steve, ill get yours if you get mine.

[edit] Stuff About Me

I am LIKE 19. I watch Homestar alot, and I have no life. is my life (Almost).

[edit] My Super-Great Accomplishments

I once prefectly imitated Homestar's Reagan Impersonation.

I failed my first driver test.

[edit] My Favorite Characters

1. Homsar 2. Homestar 3. Strong Bad 4. The Wheelchair 5. Mustachioed Homestar Runner

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