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Good Morning Mr. Everybody. Mighty Twig at your services. But you can call me Dave. I live in Milton Keynes, England in the United Kingdom. So, hey. You know a British person. Besides Homestar Runner (because there is life outside believe it or not) I usually play a lot of video games, listen to rock music and attend forums. I'm part of the HR Wiki forum also known as Mighty Twig so feel free to message me and stuff. Knowing me in real life might annoy you. So, count yourself lucky you don't know me. I usually hum the Hold Music song that Homestar made up.

Mighty Twig's favourite Big Toons:

1. Date Nite

2. Strong Bad is in Jail Cartoon

3. Strongest Man In The World

4. Bug In Mouth Disease

5. Cool Things

Favourite Strong Bad Emails:

1. Un-natural

2. ISP

3. Alternative Universe

4. Cliffhangers

5. Your Friends

Mighty Twigs Favourite Bands:

1. Green Day (Mock me if you must)

2. Foo Fighters

3. Red Hot Chili Peppers

4. My Chemical Romance (again, feel free to make fun of me. I don't mind)

5. Offspring

That's all for now. ROCK ON!

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