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So, you've come to my user page for no apparent reason. More likely, you haven't, and nobody is actually reading this. Well, for those of you who aren't currently reading, you may as well know that I'm sixteen, a Beatles fan (but I'm subtle about it, you dig?) and also a big Homestar Runner, um, person...ness...ment. What else is there?

Oh, right. My bottom five (too lazy for ten):

5. Insects - the way they crawl gives me the jeeblies

4. People who don't like music or the H-star-R - they are soulless, let's face it.

3. Thy Dungeonman - I keep thinking it's going to better than it is.

2. Coming up with crap reasons why you don't like stuff, eg. - because it sucks.

1. Finally, people who don't use apostrophes correctly! Do'nt pretend its not annoyin'g

In conclusion: on a scale from one to awesome, I'm super great.

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