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My name is Adam Buckley, and I am from British Columbia. I usually like to keep stuff organized, and I am a technology addict. There's a lot to think about when it comes to computers, but the main thing that I know is that it comprises of 1's and 0's. Even numbers 2-9, all letters and anything you can think of on the computer comprises of 1's and 0's.

  • Computers are not the only thing I am interested in, however. In fact, I'm not an addict to newer video games.
  • I have, however, learned HTML and I know a little bit of Java, Networking and graphics design.

Keep in mind, though. Anyone who thinks that they know it all is usually incorrect. There are a lot of new discoveries made every day. Do you think you can fit them all in your own mind? I can't fit them in mine. I just prefer the essentials.

  • I'm an HRwiki user. And that's about all there is.
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