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File:fpmarsh.png Hi, I'm Mawshmello39. I'm new to the hrwiki and I haven't made many edits. So, uh , here's some stuff.


[edit] History of me

One day I was browsing the Wii Shop Channel when I came across SBCG4AP. I had no idea what Homestar Runner was, so I went on the website. I watched a couple toons and thought they were funny. But it was really confusing what with all the different stuff and looked up homestar runner wiki in google so i could get stuff organized. Ta-daa!

[edit] Randomness


[edit] Projects by me

  • Beating Stinkoman Game: stuck on level 1.2
  • Beating Trogdor: Got bored on level 2
  • Beating SBCG4AP: In middle of 8-Bit is enough.
  • Watching every single toon in release date order: I count SBCG4AP as toons. See Beating SBCG4AP.

[edit] Favorite Stuff

  • Character: Raised by a coffee cup and the son of a chipwich, he's a song from the sixties, the original ladies man, Homsar!

File:homsar evolution current.png

  • Short: Ever and More
  • Sbemail: Alternate Universe
  • Big Toon: Cool Things
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