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Man is it good to be back again! It's been quite a while, so I guess I should start again totally fresh.

Hey there! My name's M.J - well my screen name is M.J anyways - I've been a hardcore homestarrunner fan for years and years. Matt Chapman is my idol, I sorta put together the original Matt Chaps page but it's changed alot since then.

Matt Chapman actually personally replied to one of my emails I sent him! I was in my multimedia class at the time so it was really hard to contain my excitement without everyone in the class hearing me. I ended up crying I was so happy. lol.

Anyhoo, I'm a very dedicated musician and gamer. I've played the piano for almost 14yrs now and I'm a self taught guitarist and harmonicist. I'm very against Xbox - no offense to any microsoft fanboys out there - I love my PSP to bits and will be camping outside EB Games on the release night/day of the Playstation 3.

The old timey games are the ones I love the best though like the famous sierra Space Quest series and Kings Quest is also a good one. Commander Keen was awesome, and the original Prince of Persia (well, and the rest of the 6 installments following it)

I plan to go to Uni and study animation in gaming or perhaps cartoons. Sadly I have to get through Yr 12 first.

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