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Note: Archaic text lies below. You've been warned.

If ya wanna e-mail me, send it to homestarclone at Sup. I came across this site googling "homestar web pages" and I think it's awesome. I am amazed by how easy it is to edit web pages. I learned about Homestar from my friend's friend. I'm currently using a Mac for the web and a PC anything you have to use a REAL computer for (no insult to Mac fans). I REALLY like to work on computers and/or watch TV and/or play video games. BTW, I'm thirteen, am a computer geek, and my real name's Jeff. P.S. I use this wiki from 6 different computers (2 at my house, 2 at my grandma's house, one at my dad's office, and one at school) and some of them don't support cookies and/or use a different ISP


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