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people i was Timmy! once but i forgot my

i'm jibney! yay!

this may be wierd but..... The Announcer is one of my favorite charecters. for some reason,just something about him...i have a clay model of him i play with alot. it's awesome. so........sup'? umm.....sorry, strong sad is bugging me about him getting on. bye.

now to write in my lament...........



[edit] Guest Book

everyones doin it! sigh!

now people! sign up to be in my halloween party on my talk page! say what you want to wear there too!-Jibney

jibney's d'ween party has ended! i will keep it here though............stop staring!

[edit] homestar and strongbad's 200 apearences extravaganza!

jibney:sb, hr, how do you feel about 200 apearence filmography?

sb:it's great i mean.....i rule.

hr:it's true!

jibney:right....well we set you up a party for 200 apearences!

hr sb:yeeeeeees!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jibney:let's go!

[edit] Jibney's halloween party of d'ween 2005

jibney:hello party peoples, please give it up for halloween, on it's day!

party peoples:yay!

joeyday:tom, what are you supposed to be?

tom:i'm a lamp! what are you supposed be? a tv?

joeyday:i'm a Kangaroo.

tom:oh really, thats creative!

(the numa numa song starts playing)

tom:oh i like that oh.....

party peoples:yay!

jibney:numa numa!!!!!!!!

party peoples:numa numa!! numa numa!!!!!!! maioe!

jay:i'm a sysop!!!!!!!!

(record scratches)

party peoples:(gasp)


jibney:i dont know. were just suprised.(lengthy puase) party!

(numa numa starts again)

stu:what a heldawog pertly!

tom:what are you suposed to be?

stu:i'm a lightbulb!

jibney:i'm a caveman.

jay:i'm a sysop!

(record scratches, yet again)

party peoples:(gasp)


jibney:nothing just suprised.

(numa numa starts up again)

party peoples:yaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!

jibney:lets do the scare off!!!!!!!!!

party peoples:wha?

jibney:the costume contest!

party peoples:yaaaaa!!!!!!!!!

(numa numa stops) jibney:first, joeyday's costume. it's a kangaroo, okkkkk.......last place. ding!

(puts last place ribbon on joeyday's cosplay.) jibney:the cheat? would you mind assisting me?

the cheat:(ok!)

jibney:now tom, your a lamp? umm....most improved! becuase last year you were scotch tape.ding!

(puts most improved ribbon on tom's cosplay)

jibney:now jay, youre a sysop? thats.......2nd place! ding!

(puts second place ribbon on jay's cosplay)

jibney:stu, youre a lightbulb? you should marry tom the lamp!

party peoples exept stu and tom: ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!

stu:(sarcasticly)very funny, jibney.

jibney:yeah....worst place....ding!

(puts worst place ribbon on stu's cosplay)

jibney:okay.....pertermywert! your...a worm. the cheat? ask your friend why he dressed up as a worm.

the cheat:(cheat noises)

pertermeywert:becuase.......i did!

jibney:ok.........good prize! ding!

(he puts "good prize" ribbon on the user's cosplay.)

jibney:rouge leader? a dwarf? 2nd to last!

(puts 2nd to last place ribbon on the user's cosplay)

jibney:it's dot com? youre a pot of candy? youre down with 2nd to last place! ding!

jibney:um, the rest later....let's party!

(numa numa starts back up)

jibney:oh....i like that....ohh........teh c. turn it up!

teh c.:meh!

(music gets louder)

party peoples:(sing along)

tom:you have the worst costume joeyday,miahew......

joeyday:numa numa na.....


stu:(overly excited)hey guys!!!11!!!1 woah!!1!!!1!!!1!!!!!! this music is jamaicanmecrazy! ha!

this music is goo-ud!!!!!!!! uggggg!!!!!!!!! miahew hee!1!!!!!!! (get's punched)

ohh....(falls down)

jibney:whoa, the lightbulb fell down and broke!

joeyday,jay,tom and jibney:ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!

boozookajoe:he's not breathing, i'm a doctor! i'll call an anbulance!

(we hear an anbulance, it parks, we here "go! go!" and see paremedics goung to stu)

paremedic 1 or, we'll call him "chester":lets get him to a difubulater!

(they get a difibulater)


(zaps him)


(zaps him, he wakes up.)

paremedic 2,or we'll just call him rocky:you need to get to the hospital! theres one down there!

chester:yeah, lets go!

(they shove him into the ambulance it drives off)

jibney:i did not believe what just happened.

tom:believe it. this happens.

joeyday:and he was a sysop..... (record scratches) all party peoples exept joeyday:(gasp)

joey day:what?

party peoples exept joeyday:oh, nothing, just suprised.

party peoples:ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

abdviklas:i'm G.K. chesterson!


abdviklas:cuase he's cool!

jibney:right, right,

jibney:to the huanted house!

party peoples:wha? ( jibney says "what you say?")

jibney:were going to a huanted house!!!!!! hope in da' "spooky" buses!

jibney:jay,by tom, stu, by abdviklas, and....(goes on and on about who sits by who) (5 hours later)

(24 black busses come.)

jay:that's right.

[edit] jibney's show!

jibney:hello, slav-i mean peoples. helscome to my show!


jibney: this is an unplanned lets'

(starts badly dancing to "cant touch this")

jibney:(while dancing) cant touch this. doo doo doo doo. dooo dooo...cant touch this....


jibney:(stops dancing) oh, you a shut up-a! (throws shoe at crowd)

director:3,2,1, and your cancelled. and off air. no litterilie!

jibney:(weakly) c-c-c-c-c caaaant b-b-b-b-breeeeeeathhhh.......

director:your on air litterilie...your off air show-biz wise. 'jibney:innterupperjones by, thunderbird,-oh! there here!

(they start sitting by the rules of "jibney's 5 hour speech about who sits by who")

tom (whispering to jay) man jibney's a real talker am i right?

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