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Hi, guys. you might remember me as Tothelimit66. NOT NO MORE (as Homestar would say)!

i am totally OBSESSED with homestar and i know alot about the fine details in alot of the toons and SBemails. You can count on me if there is something REALLY detailed about homestar toons and CO. Surprisingly, I am a 12 year old girl, but still, i really i know i can help you guys out. i also am diagnosed with Asberger's and Hyperlexia, and my highlights there are Reading, Spelling, Typing,Tech, computers, e.c.t. This is my first blog and I don't need much guidence, which is surprising, even for me. i find it very easy to move and create around the blog. i am very dependant and don't like to be treated and talked to like i'm a LIITLE kid. i am strong and have a very advanced Vocabulary. i am expecting to have a great addition to the Wiki and will do any research if necessary. My father found before me, and introduced me to it when I was 4 YEARS OLD. I got instantly hooked. My mom banned me from it untill i turned 10 when I was 6, because she thought it was innapropriate for my age. Once I turned 10, Magic Trick was the email out. I had a lot of catching up to do. Routine was the new email on the site when I was banned. How I found the wiki? It's a little thing I like to call..... GOOGLE! I was googling a picture of Strong Bad, when I found the site in one of the listings below the image results. I looked and was instantly hooked, then, as I said before, I became Tothelimit66. Then I joined the members and became The Jibblejibblejibble we know today. These Ancient fence drawings show evidence of damaged crops, stolen babies, and family bike rides.... or family... Pie sitting contests.

EDIT: Hey guys, I am back from my almost-as-long-as-Mike-and-Matt's-Absence-From-Homestar Runner. But, yes, I am back for sure. I have grown more, and am now a year older then what I was last year. ^^


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