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Hey there, every peoples! I'm not exactly new here. More on that later.

[edit] About Me

I live and have lived all my life in Marietta, Georgia, just a few miles from Atlanta. My birthday is July 29th. As of my writing this, I'm 17 years old and a senior in my last semester of high school. I've already been accepted to the University of Georgia, which I plan on going to this fall. I have two brothers, neither of which I ever expect to ever show up here. So you don't have to worry about them. My non-Homestar Runner interests include fantasy and science fiction books (I consider most science fiction to be fantasy, but I won't get into that here), swimming, and playing my saxophone. Ingiald is pretty much my default username. I use it just about everywhere else. (Nasty Ol' Puppet is me too, because I can't remember passwords sometimes.)

[edit] Homestar Runner and me

I first found the site some time in the summer of 2003. My brother was talking on AIM and one of his friends sent him a link. I walked in while he was watching japanese cartoon, around the part where Strong Bad was saying that you'd need to get rid of his thumbs and make him all shiny. Needless to say, I was very, very confused. Then my brother showed me dragon, and I was hooked instantly. I spent a good part of my summer vacation going through the site watching all of the old stuff. At the time I first started checking the updates, date was the newest email. Somehow, I'm really not sure how to this day, early on I got Homestar Runner and Strong Sad confused, and kept wondering why he kept going from smart to dumb. I've been obsessively checking the site for updates ever since then. In spite of this, I have to this day not bought a single thing from Homestar Runner website, partly due to paranoia about buying things over the Internet and partly due to not being sure about how to approach my parents about buying dumb animal merchandise from a website. I don't really have a favorite character or toon to speak of.

[edit] The Wiki and me

My history with the wiki is not pretty. It's slimy and smelly and kind of stings my eyes. I first discovered the wiki in a Google search for one of the characters, I think Homsar. That was back when the wiki was just getting started, in December of 2003. I got banned twice essentially for being unable to tolerate anyone having a different opinion from mine. After the second ban, I got sick of the community and only came on now and then to look for Easter Eggs I'd missed. Then, in December of '07, I decided it was about time I apologized. So I made a username from the latest toon at the time to look like a generic newbie, but then discovered that no one remembered me, anyway, so I had my name changed back. I've made a few posts on the forum since then, and made this account for the sole purpose of posting on a discussion page.

And, that's about it. Get out of my face!

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