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Hey there! I'm HotBees! My username is based off my favorite Bubs line. I'm also on the Fanstuff Wiki, but I haven't really done anything there yet.

I love They Might Be Giants, Homestar Runner, and writing (though maybe not in that exact order).

I will probably be doing a lot of cleanup work, especially fixing typos.


Strong Bad Email: kids' book, with different town a very close second, the process third

Big Toon: DNA Evidence

Short: Experimental Film and Peasant's Quest Movie Trailer

Holiday Toon: Homestar Presents: Presents (I love the strange way the audio sounds)

Puppet Stuff: Puppet Jam: Mission Control

Powered By The Cheat: Mile

Teen Girl Squad: Issue #6

Answering Machine: Version 5.0

Holy cow sbemail 200 knocked my socks out of the water. Here's to 200 more!

I also got really bored and I anagrammed "two hundredth sbemail." I got "hremails not best, duh." I also anagrammed "two hundred sbemails" and got "hremails now best dud."

That's all I can think of for now! I may update at a later time.

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