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I'm a thirtysomething homemaker and college student (civil/environmental engineering), married 14 years, 1 child (going on 3 years old), 1 cat (13.5 years old). We live in the Puget Sound area of Washington state.

I came across Homestar Runner completely by accident--I was searching for something online (can't recall what now), and came across a blog by Missy's brother (I think), who referred to the website. I checked it out and liked it. My son also loves Homestar Runner (he calls it "da-da-da," after the "la-di-da-day-da" in the intro).

I'm a voracious reader, love to cook, love to play pc games (when I have the time--ha!), and love my math and chemistry classes, but my favorite pastime is spending time with my husband and son.

Also, my nn, H-ko, was given to me by my husband years ago. It's inspired by the names of the main characters in the "Project A-ko" series of anime. I always use that name online, so if you come across something by an H-ko somewhere else, it's quite likely me (at least, I've never come across any other H-ko's).

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