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[edit] Bio/H.R.ecruitment

  • Bienviendos, users and collaborators of HrWiki! I am a public figure from the hometown of Panama City, Panama (until I moved there to Michigan City in 1996) also known as El Trento. I have decided to enter the HrWiki because I am a grande fan of its ultimate Flash series. I especially like the subseries Strong Bad Email because the character, Strong Bad, is kind of a Hispanic stereotype who loves to make fun of other peoples' emails (and sometimes deletes them). I find it hilarious because I am part Hispanic. I'll get more info about why I am here later. Until then, I will just check out (maybe help) some pages/subpages.

[edit] !

  • I have finally joined the recent changes patrol. So, if any trolls/vandals are on the loose, I will find you and so will the other 210 patrollers!

This message is brought to you by Purple Stuph. If you know what's good for ya.


[edit] Need a Hint? Check out el External Links

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