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They're orange, doot-doo...they're black, doot-doo...

Hello! I've been a a part of the HRWiki for a long time, but after we switched off WikkiTikkiTavi, I kept losing my password. So, here I am again, to roam the Wiki as best I can!!

Marshie is my favorite character. Heh heh. But I HATE NIBBLES! Poor Marshie, getting shoved out of the spotlight by a stupid little runt. Or is it punk? I always forget. Whatever. I hate him.

I'd like to see the pen that's mightier than that
Hoo-ray! I was awarded a Barnstar for my heroic efforts fighting the trolling on November 11th, 2005. I feel so loved. Plus it has a funny caption. Check it out, yo!

Okay, so my efforts weren't that heroic. I can dream, can't I? But I did have a clever thing to put in the summary box - "fightin' the good fight". Check out all my speculations. I mean, contributions. It shouldn't be TOO hard to find.

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