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[edit] Welcome to my domain (donut enter, buwahahaha)

My name is Ed500, and I am 13 yrold boy. I am a pure Pilipino, and I just loove H*R!

[edit] breakdown

I am just yur typical fan, My cousin heard it from his classmate, my cousin told my sisters, and thats that (aside the fact im a pilipino im typical, d00d). all of us seem to like strong bad the most(duh, what did u think the poopsmith?), I bet by now the curnret txet you are raendig now is meixd up, rgiht. you dno't konw hor rghit you are, He he. i am now studiyng in high school and i am fat, 5'9", and i am smart (not gloatin' heere) expect the unexpected from my pietrap, whatsit (no offense).

[edit] likez und dislikz

I like

  1. Strong bad
  2. H*R
  3. Flash animationz
    1. Fooby d k4m1k4z3 w473rm3l0|\|
    2. madness
  4. Rock muzik
  5. Wrestling (batista r00lz man)
  6. food, food , and a lot more food
  7. TV!!
  8. games!
  9. and books(dork!) with comics (grafiled)

I dizlik

  1. Pr0n
  2. being called fgoagt(think teh closest wurd related to this thang)
  3. prank flashes
  4. school
  5. p0p muzik (it must die!)
  6. SSW (think south park)
  7. a korean kid in my class who is an 8888888

[edit] More stef

I am not a poser ive got a friendster account, butt im not tellng youw azz hwat, I am the gamer and friendly type and a family kid, and any troll should know they're stupid. the wurld has herd it im heere, and ready to kick butt!

currently I am working on a comic called "Daaahhh...." it has Strong Bad and Homestar looking for The Cheat with a catch, other characters like Kyle from south park and raven from teen titans helping em as well, keep an eye out on the background!

My H*RWiki forum name is the same thing, and a have finised my comic look for daaahhh....... in the arts and crafts section (its new name is strange bad industrial)

okay about the trolling thing; my fault not used to this stuff that much, so please 4give meh

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