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Hello, my name is dingus

I will try to update my page frequently, but if I forget, please forgive me.

My friend, Dizzy, got me started on the wiki. He even tried to make a page about me, but that didn't go too well...

Anyways, Kudos and Special thanks to Dizzy, And now, to the actual Wiki-ing!



First of all i have to tell you that i dont know much about H* unlike dizzy (youll hear more about him later)who can probably tell you anything you need to know about that website his username is User:Pomx2... Anyway I'm 10 years old and in 6th grade. I have dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. I have glasses,but I'm not a geek.i'm big, but not fat and veeery muscular. me and my best friend Dizzy don't have much in common but managed to put up with eachother for 4 years so I'm not complaning. anyway it stinks that he moved to south carolina and i'm still stuck here in maryland.


I hate my freaken job!!!

bittersweet sarcasm of my best friend dizzy brings fourth many memories. but cut the sentimental crap. here are some of the memories he brought fourth. one time we were in media and we had to write a biography about ourselves or a fictional character of our choice and dizzy chose poe. but he was having a bit of trouble so after i finished we decided to team up. we came up with this crazy idea to make it into a rap. so we just did this really funny rap, anyway when we read it to the teacher we couldnt get the beat right and when we finally did we had to present to the class and that was a hit everyone in the class burst out laughing and were teasing us about it all day.

[edit] FUN FACTS

can't you just eat me up?

my favorite movie was the master of disguise, with kangaroo jack in close second

my favorite colors are black and red

some of my favorite bands are green day, good charlotte, and simple plan.

one of my fave funny phrases is holy crap

I'm not only a round mound of gray fatness...wait, yes I am.

my fave characters are the brothers strong b/w the cheat

What are you lookin' at?

Quack Quack
somebody get this freaken duck away from me!!!


under construction-more to come!
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