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[edit] Well...

...I think I must use this place to talk about myself a bit...

[edit] Info about myself

My name is Dicai, I'm XX years old and I live somewhere in South America.


[edit] Me and

That's a very interesting story...or maybe not, but I'll tell it anyway! I work as an Editor in Eeggs, and while I was correcting some Easter Eggs about Tony Hawk's Underground 2 and American Wasteland(My favorite games!), I found out some connections with I usually tried to avoid the site, but I don't know why... Finally one day I entered to check on a Easter Egg from the Downloands Page, and then I clicked on "Main", and later found myself in the first time here web, and I laughed really hard. Since then, I loved it!

[edit] Life in

Well, by now, I'd only made subtitles' translations, If you really need some subtitles translated in Spanish, drop me a line, or a commentary, or whathever... :P

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