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[edit] Info about me

Yo people, my name is Dan.

  • Birthday: September 22 1993
  • Music: from classic rock to death metal, no rap.
  • Favorite artist: Pink Floyd
  • Favorite cartoon website: (duh)
  • Favorite sport: WWE wrestling

[edit] Favorite homestar stuff

  • Big Toon: Cool Things and Bug In The Mouth Disease
  • Shorts: Drive Thru
  • Holiday: Halloween Toons
  • Powered by Teh C.: Crazy Cartoon
  • Puppet Stuff: Biz Cas Fri series
  • Sbemail: Hygiene, Fan Club, Your Edge, Butt IQ, homsar, Huttah, funny, boring(really), and disconnected for a start of my favs.
  • Character: Strong Bad, The Cheat, Strong Mad, and Bubs.
  • Opinion on FREAKIN HILARIOUS!!! XD
  • Discovered website: 2001
  • Wiki feature: Lack of visible body parts.
  • Creepiest Character: Marshie and Horrible painting
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