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[edit] About Me

Hi, welcome to the userspace of Clever Dan, formerly known as mrdrama07 on the old wiki forever ago

The History of the name Clever Dan I was watching Sibbie the other day and I heard Strong Bad say, "Look who thinks he's Clever Dan." Since then I have wanted to change my username. So i did.

Visit me on the web at my homepage. You can email me at

Also, feel free to instant message! AIM: mrdrama07

[edit] Strong Sad Rocks Out Music Video

I made a totally Freakin Awesome Music Video for "Strong Sad Rocks Out" Download it now

THE VIDEO IS Down forever....

  • I could see it. It's awexome, man! (Although, you shoulda had some of the dead strong sads in there from fingersevin290 09:26, 12 Mar 2005 (MST)
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