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Oh, hello. I am called Clever Ben, aka GiGA BOWSDOR THE BURNiNAT, aka Ingiald, As you should have guessed, I got my name from Sbemail sibbie, where Strong Bad calls The Cheat "Clever Dan". As you might have also guessed, my real name is Benjamin. My email adress is I live in Georgia, pretty near Atlanta.

My favorite character is Ðə Chæt. I guess he's my favorite character because no one knows what the crap he is. I mean, we know he's a mammal, because he has fur, but it's not very clear after that point. I always guessed that his "hands" are really wings, since they sorta look like wings. Maybe he's a flying-squirrel type creature.

My favorite SBemail is virus. I guess it's 'cause it is so random, and the fact that it tears the 4th wall to shreds.

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