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[edit] Basic information

Hey you guys. im Cola, known as Cola, And all you need to know is this: I Will Break You

This user is a [Jimi Hendrix] fan.

[edit] Conflict

Well, the conflict now is my dog is Dying. he's as old as me, and he is dying.


yeah,yeah,yeah, i get numerouse complaints about spelling and grammar, but i could really care less. i learned that as long as a word is spelled with the exact letters, where only the first and last letter is spelled correctly, the other letters can be mixed around and not in order. watch: Hey, You Guys, I Ralely Lkie all of You guys. but i Htae Erevy tihng Auobt you.

amazing, huh?

[edit] A Short Story

By: Cola

The Great Old Ones

I have seen theese "Old Ones" before. They Live Beyond the Gateway to the Dreamlands. i have Visited CelephaIs before. Thats where The Old Ones live. I knew many of the Old Ones, they had all been there during the Destruction a Sarnath, Mnar. many of the old ones that i followed and that had allowed me to be in their presence during my nightly stay in the Dreamlands, were the Great old ones 'Byatis' 'Glaaki' 'Hastur' and the father of Cthulhu, 'Yog-Sothoth'. theese were the ones who had Caused the Necronomicon to be left upon the earth during the final days of their mayhem with their cults. i always wondered why Cthulhu was never around. Cthulhu, Being the most powerful of the Great Old Ones, would surley have floated amok in the Dreamlands, For he hadnt been Summond back to earth. but then i wondered... what if Cthulhu was summond back to earth? The sunken City of Ry'leh would have risen back among the plains of the earth, and the rest of the great Old Ones would be able to go back among their homes, Thyoph, Xiclotl, Shaggai, and so forth. if Cthulhu was summond, why didnt he re-open the Seven gates Of the Necronomicon and released all of the great ones from their slumber in the Dreamlands? perhaps he had not yet been freed from his slumber in Ry'leh, and was Awaiting The Watchers of his cult to free him, for as the Necronomicon Says:

That which is not dead can eternal lie,And with strange aeons, even death may die.

—Abdul Alhazred, The Necronomicon

and with that logic, i could not see why he wouldnt open the gates to set them free. my mind began to drift, and as quickly as i had arrived, I had been ejected back into my Dimension of earth, forgetting all that had happend. this happens commonly, i could not Remember what happens in the Dreamlands for it is Another Dimension, and that which is thought or created there, Stays there.

[edit] Yog-Sothoth

Things Of this nature Know no Bounds. While you sit in your chair, reading this, your mind Falls to this God. The Horror in Clay shows this Gods son, Cthulhu, Depicted as Knowing All. Since before time, Yog-Sothoth And the Serpent Yig Lived in a Dimension of Mindless Chaos, surrounded by Beasts of an unworldly nature. Shoggoth's, Dimensional Shambler's, And The Worshipers of Yog-Sothoth, The Mi-Gos, Fought an unholy war with each other. Around the time when the Earth Stood Still as the Primordial Ooze Shifted and Turned to create the beasts that would cover the earth until its Demise. The Deep Ones, they were called, and where they inhabited was The Waters. The Outer Gods, before the Earth stood, were as follows... Azathoth, Nyarlathotep, Shub-Niggurath, And Yog-Sothoth. The outer gods were the masters of time and space, able to travel between planets in the blink of an eye, when the stars were right. the Beasts that followed the Outer Gods, Were known as the Great Old Ones. Theese included Cthulhu, Hastur, Inpesca, Ithaqua, And Juk-Shabb. there are also hundreds of Lesser Races out there, but we need not know about most of them. of the lesser races that we must know, to make this story Told, are the Deep Ones, The Mi-Gos, Dimensional Shamblers, And the Great Race of Yith.

More to come later, ive grown tired of writing right now. -COLA

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