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Chess Cheese's Picks


Homestar Runner

Strong Bad

Strong Sad

Peasant's Quest

Thorax Corp


Gent Delabor

Chess Cheese's Costume Gallery

newesthomestar0ns.png Red shirt with white star on it/red and blue propeller cap/shoes with a stripe of blue on the bottom

strongbadsuit9ah.png Lucha Libre Mask (Jewel can open cold ones)/Boxing Gloves (Good for typing)/Boots

strongmad8hj.jpg Blue Wrestling Suit with "M" on it/Red Boots

coachz0ep.png Green Jumpsuit/Green Shoes Attatched/Green Gloves Attatched/Medallion with a "Z" on it/Purple and Blue Hat

newestbubs0am.png Orange Jumpshirt/Orange Gloves/Gray Pants/Green Stripe Around Pants/Gray Shoes/

thekingoftown3vm.png Red Sweater with white stripes on the bottom and where the sweater closes/Crown

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