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Here are some lists of toons I considered "the best" (and "the worst") for each year since I've joined the Wiki. Deviations from contemporary opinions are listed as well.


[edit] Best Toons of 2007

Best Big Toon: Date Nite (I doubt DNA Evidence is still good if you missed the 6 Emails)
Best Short: Limozeen vs. Sloshy (but I find it hard to call it a short)
Best Holiday Toon: Happy Dethemberween
Best Email: nightlife
Best Teen Girl Squad: Teen Girl Squad Issue 13
Worst Short: An Important Rap Song (I guess I'm mostly disappointed Crackotage, Fightgar, and maybe Reynold were absent.)
Worst Holiday Toon: That Unfinished Easter Toon (Yes, I do know it's only a secret page)
Worst Email: more armies (it had its moments, but overall it felt average)

Now, it seems very likely I prefer Jibblies 2 to "Happy Dethemberween" and Teen Girl Squad Issue 12 to Issue 13.

[edit] Best Toons of 2008

Best SBCG4AP Episode: 8-Bit is Enough
Best Short: The Baloneyman
Best Holiday Toon: A Death-Defying Decemberween
Best Email: being mean (I doubt email thunder is still good if you missed all the emails referenced)
Best WiiWare Commercial: Gameplay Trailer (the fact Matt Chapman purposely tried to act stupid makes it easier to ignore its many flaws)
Worst SBCG4AP Episode: Homestar Ruiner (Why did Strong Bad waste so many perfect opportunities to beat Homestar up?)
Worst Short: Coach Z's 110%
Worst Holiday Toon: Sloshybowl
Worst Email: your edge (It's almost like a remake of rampage)
Worst WiiWare Commercial: Baddest of the Bands Promo

Like I said on my userpage, I find Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective the most enjoyable SBCG4AP episode and "8-Bit is Enough" the most epic.

[edit] Best Toons of 2009

Best Big Toon: 2 Part Episode: Parts 1 and 2
Best Short: Where My Hat is At?
Best Holiday Toon: Doomy Tales of the Macabre
Best Email: independent
Best New Stuff: Hremail 7
Worst Big Toon: Career Day
Worst Short: Pistols for Pandas (Crack Stuntman's just not my cup of tea)
Worst Holiday Toon: April Fool 09
Worst Email: dictionary
Worst New Stuff: Hremail 62

[edit] Stuff I Skipped

[edit] Best Toons of 2010

Best Holiday Toon: A Decemberween Mackerel
Worst Holiday Toon: Which Ween Costumes?

[edit] Best Toons of 2014

Best Holiday Toon: I Killed Pom Pom
Worst Holiday Toon: Halloween Safety

[edit] Best Toons of 2015

Best Short: Strong Bad Classics!
Best Holiday Toon: Fan Costumes 2015
Worst Short: Flash is Dead!
Worst Holiday Toon: Record Store Day

[edit] Two More Eggs

I don't really count this as part of Homestar Runner, but since The Brothers Chaps have updated it more often than they have h*r this year, I decided to give it a section as well.

Best Trauncles: Sweethearts
Best Dooble: Newscarsting
Best Bad Snaxx: Breakfast
Best CGI Palz: Grossface
Best Eggpo: New Job
Best Hot Dip: Not 4 Momz!
Worst Trauncles: Not Done
Worst Dooble: Peas and Corn
Worst Bad Snaxx: After School
Worst CGI Palz: Theme Song
Worst Eggpo: Waiting
Worst Hot Dip: Jamers
Worst Hector & Kovitch: A draw. The recycling of Homestar's voice in Hector & Kovitch shorts sounds too distracting for me to really enjoy them.

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