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[edit] Hi.

This is my wiki page. Enjoy it. Or don't. Whatever.

[edit] Me

  • The first email I saw was Haircut.
  • My favorite character is Strong Bad, with Bubs a very close second.
  • I discovered the wiki through Wikipedia.
  • I am still awesome.
  • I'm 14.
  • I live in Arkansas.

[edit] Wii Codes, etc.

Wii Friend Code: 1110 4553 5220 8259

GHIII: 425316569622

Super Smash Bros. Brawl: 0688 4937 5934

Xbox 360 Gamertag: Coleslaw121

I have Medal of Honor Heroes 2. If you want to play, contact me using the email adress below.

[edit] Contact Me

  • Email:
  • Yahoo IM: coleslaw121

[edit] Forum

  • I'm on the wiki's forum. AFAC
  • I joined May 19, 2007.

[edit] Other Links

  • Check out my Facebook profile!

Click here.

  • I have a Myspace, but I never use it anymore. If you want to see a link anyway, contact me.
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