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Stuff about me

Well, it’s official. After about a year or so of being and IP, I finally decided to join. This place seems like so much fun- I’m hoping I can be a regular contributor here. I’m eager to make friends; you guys seem so nice- especially Didymus. I love that guy. And now, if you take a look, you will find out more about me.

Other stuff about me:

I am a Christian.

I am currently 15.

I have been diagnosed with Autism.

I used to love giant Japanese monsters, but it still lingers a little bit even though most of it is gone.

I am somewhat interested in science fiction.

I enjoy Youtube Poops- but I usually avoid things such as swearing.

I usually like or don't mind some things you guys might consider "epic fail" (ie. Garfield, some anime, etc.) But then again, I pretty much don't mind any cartoon franchise.

Don't freak out if I'm away for periods of time. I'll most likely come and check up on things once in a while.

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