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Wha- OK... Who are you, why are you browsing user pages, and how did you click on mine? Oh, whatever. I'm Archoniam. If you say a word to me, at least address me as "Arch". People trying to pronounce, spell, or otherwise use my full username in any way somehow manage to screw up. Anyways...

[edit] Archoniam's Life Story in One Paragraph

I've been a Homestar fanatic since I was 5, when my brother showed it to me, and also, coincidentally, the peak of hearing Strong Bad saying the word crap AND having an abundance of extremely protective parenting, wherein you can't hear crap until your dad stubs his toe again! So yeah, now I'm 14, and I just realized there's a wiki for Homestar. So I joined. And I browsed every single page I could find on the wiki. And now I'm here today.

[edit] Archoniam's Favorite H*R Cartoons

sbemail virus sbemail gimmicks Fan Costumes '09

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