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[edit] Basic

Name: Robbie
Age: 18
AIM: Aram the Savior

[edit] More?

[edit] Political Views

I am a raving Marxist putting tireless efforts in supporting my cause. Unfortunately, the way things are going now I believe these efforts will only be done in vain. :(

I'm a Socialist-Communist, supporting niether Kerry nor Bush. Perhaps I am liberal in my views, as I see the potential of human society how it can become nearly utopian (and I live in a town where conservatism is everywhere, go figure). I despise of the Capitalist fascism currently portrayed in our media.

[edit] Misc.

  • I like the webcomic Men in Hats and I read many political cartoons.
  • I am a high school senior.
  • I plan on a career based on gaming or something with digial media.
  • I'm certified for many office applications. I enjoy PC Online Gaming and going to LAN parties. Halo and UT2k4 examples.

[edit] What am I doing here, anyway?

Since this is my first wiki experience, and at one of my favorite websites, I'd thought I'd give it a try and help out this little information community. I find wikis fascinating pieces of software. Right now, I'm doing random things. It's fun. I love helping out.

[edit] Contributions at a glance

To be expanded.

[edit] The Braying and Neighing of Barnyard Animals Follows

The knowledge that you exist is a burden on my soul.

--Aram 20:26, 28 Sep 2004 (MST)

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