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[edit] Velcome

Velcome, velcome, velcome. If you weren't paying any attention to my username (Which is conveniently located at the top of the page, just for you, 'cause you're so special), my username is AmberAlmighty, aka Amber Renee Titchenal. I like mainly due to the fact that I find it inspiring that a very popular (and good) cartoon is readly available on the web for free, low file size, and very high quality. Add to that the fact that the Brothers Chaps make it just how they want, throwing in easter eggs and maybe breaking some rules that would be there on the telly, and there's just a LITTLE reason to love the 'toon.

[edit] What I'm All Aboot

I'm the sworn enemy of typos and bad grammar (But I do make some mistakes), and also the patron saint of paragraphs. And I'll even throw in some references and minor details just to keep things accurate. I might revise a page, especially if it's poorly organised and too informal, but I would NEVER blank it, and if I did by accident, I would fix it promptly. Any page revision by me (I revised the Homsar page as, but I was careful to remain accurate and true to what was written last), and I merely wish to make things more readable. If you don't like something, just ask me to quit, and in all probability, I will.

[edit] Things I Seek Out and Kill

Bad spelling
Lack of links
Bad grammar
Lack of commas in the appropriate places
Lack of examples

[edit] Significant Contributions

Revised Homsar's character page

[edit] More Crap About Me

[edit] Where

I live in Fairbanks, Alaska, and you can infer from that that I don't get out much. Yeah.

[edit] What

I wish to be a cel animator (though I'm most certainly willing to learn computer animation), and I don't quite have a good grasp on Flash. I got the program alright, but not the help files. I do brief animations when designing characters, and want to figure out how they move and how they look. A little sample would be:this. Way, way old. But it'll have to do for now.

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