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These are so I don't have to type anything other than an edit summary when welcoming new users. I just come here, copy one of the two, and paste it onto the talk page(s) of the aforementioned new user(s).

== Welcome ==
Hey there, {{subst:PAGENAME}}, this is [[User:ACupOfCoffee|]], and on behalf of myself and the rest of the Welcoming Committee I'd like to welcome you to the Homestar Runner Wiki. If you've never contributed to a wiki-based project before, then it'd be worth your while to check out the [[Meta:Help:Contents|MediaWiki User's Guide]] and our own [[Help:Editing]] page. Before you start contributing substantially read through our [[HRWiki:Standards]] page to learn how we generally do things around here If you have any questions, try the [[HRWiki:FAQ]], and if your question isn't answered there, post it at [[HRWiki talk:FAQ]].

You've got your own user page, and you can put basically anything you want on it as long as it follows our [[HRWiki:User space]] policies. Another page you'll probably visit a lot is our community portal: [[HRWiki:The Stick|The Stick]]. Remember, our goal here is a comprehensive Homestar Runner knowledge base. Oh, and don't forget to sign your posts on talk pages. Typing a string of 4 tildes (these little guys: "~") is all it takes. The system'll do the rest.
Hope to see you around!<br />


== Welcome! ==
Hey, {{subst:PAGENAME}}, welcome to the Homestar Runner Wiki! We can always use new registered users around here, so I'm glad you're on. Before you do any major editing, you'll want to read up on [[HRWiki:Standards|our editing standards]]. And if this is the first [[Wikipedia:MediaWiki|MediaWiki]] based wiki (or first wiki, for that matter) you've used check out  the [[Meta:Help:Index|MediaWiki User's Guide]], or for quick reference, our [[Help:Editing]] page. If you have any questions that aren't answered on [[HRWiki:FAQ|our FAQ]], post them on [[HRWiki talk:FAQ|its talk page]], or you can [[User talk:ACupOfCoffee|ask me directly]]. We try [[Wikipedia:Wikipedia:Please_do_not_bite_the_newcomers|not to bite the newcomers]]. One last thing — always sign posts on talk pages with this: <nowiki>~~~~</nowiki> (it's an automatic signature and timestamp). 
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