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The visuals that occur during Trudgemank.

Lyrics Visuals
{Light drumming} A screw moves on the screen, with a rusty metal background. The screw spins and then explodes in to smaller screws and a piece of meat appears where the larger screw was.
Mired on the moor. Swamped in the sludge. A Taranchula member is neck-high in a "moor". On the 2nd line, negative effect flashes and The Cheat comes up from under the surface on the right.
Dying on the floor. A slab of meat moves across the screen.
Drown in the trudge. Oozing, bubbling green sludge with "Taranchula" on each bubble. The Cheat comes up from under the surface on the right.
{Guitar rhythm} A screw is seen next to the slab of meat. A saw blade spins and a yellow sine wave matching the music goes in front of it.
Drown in the Trudgemank! The same Taranchula member from before stands, raises both hands in "devil horns" and a photo-realistic mouth comes out of his hair.
{Guitar rhythm} Shadows of the Taranchula member rotate in the background, and two slabs of meat move across the screen. Another yellow sine wave is shown.
Drown in the Trudgemank! The Taranchula member is seen in the negative-color bog. Eight of the photographed mouths surround him.
PEACEY P: {talking} Hello? What? Who? Taranchula? Naww, fool. Wait, how much? Dang!

Peacey P is seen wearing pajamas and talking on a small cell phone. The scene slowly zooms out, revealing he is in a gold bed on a boat.

{rapping} Peacey P back on the mic again Peacey P is seen walking through the bog. An enlarged version of his mouth is seen above him, moving in sync with his.
Getting paid to rhyme with Scandinavians Peacey P is still walking. Two Taranchula members pop out of the bog behind him.
Trudging through the mank so it's easy to find me Peacey P continues to walk through the bog.
Mixing rap and heavy metal, like the early nineties. Peacey P's head is seen and it quickly transforms into a eight-eyed tarantula. The year "1990" appears stamped on.
{talking} '91 or '93. Anthrax and P.E. Peacey P is seen in a Jamaican-looking outfit, wearing a shirt with "A Tribe called Quest" written on it. The background consists of swirling patterns.
I got the Crample-O style and the Crample-O flow Peacey P is seen sinking in the bog, already up to his hair. A slab of meat slithers across the surface and a lone bubble rises from the muck.
Got these metal-heads all up in my "STU G.O." Peacey P continues to sink in the Trudgemank. His "STU G.O." is seen, a building with an afro similar to Peacey's.
And get your product phat for ya Two Peacey Ps enter a stage, wearing red and green sweaters and holding a cane.
TARANCHULA: Get your product phat!! The photographed mouths are seen bursting out of Peacey P's afro.
BOTH: AHHHHHHH! A ring of Peacey P head-spiders comes out of an photographed open mouth, which zooms toward the camera. When it gets close, a skull-looking version of Peacey P's head is seen inside the mouth.
PEACEY P: I'll say it once again, just in case'd you missed it Peacey P is seen afro-deep in the muck, with his arm sticking out. The Cheat is seen popping out of the bog.
Clean the gravy out your ears cause your head is a biscuit. The same swirling pattern background is seen, with a profile of a head with gravy leaking out of its ear. A biscuit with a face is seen, with legs materializing at the bottom, and a bite appearing at the top.
Ya'll biscuit-heads! Peacey P is seen silhouetted in bed on his boat, talking on his small phone. Three Taranchula members are up to their heads in the water, and a shark fin sticks out of the water and swims by.
That's what happens when you're down with the trudgemank! Peacey P is seen wearing a sports jersey and sunglasses, with a word bubble containing the words to the verse beside him. The words turn red as he says them.
TARANCHULA: Get your product phat for ya! The same photo-realistic mouth is seen with two photographed arms and the same legs as the biscuit. The background is a close-up of the creeping meat.
PEACEY P: That's what happens when you're down with the trudgemank! Two long-haired silhouettes are banging their heads on Peacey P's boat. There is lightning in the background, and sharks in the water. Three different-color silhouettes of Peacey P (one orange, one white, and one black) are seen walking toward the camera.
TARANCHULA: Get your product phat for ya! A white silhouette of the same head-banging guy is seen on riding on the tip of a screw. The background is another close-up of the creeping meat. The words "Fo Ya" appear in big, graffiti style letters when said.
PEACEY P: That's what happens when you're down with the trudgemank! The screw is stabbed into the meat, and the head-banging guy is standing on the screw head. Peacey P is seen wearing a blood stained white butcher's coat and is holding a butcher's knife. After he sings his line, his body disappears and his head slides down offscreen.
TARANCHULA: Get your product phat for ya! The head-banging guy is seen with a body textured with the meat slab, and sparks are flying out of his feet. The background is rusty metal. The word "Fo'" appears again, in the same graffiti letters. When the word "Ya!" appears, the scene changes to show two flashing Peacey P skulls on top and two headbanging musicians below.
PEACEY P: That's what happens when you're down with the— Peacey P, wearing his Jamaican outfit, pops up from a pool of water inside his golden bed.
TARANCHULA AND PEACEY P: TRUDGEMANK!!! A member of Taranchula screams with the photorealistic mouth. The background is waving meat with pink spirals.
PEACEY P: Maybe some of y'all fellas maybe think about takin' a shower somethin' next before you come up in here. Stank! The scene fades to the skyscrapter labeled "STU G.O.", wearing an afro and mustache. The shot slowly zooms out as the song information is presented at the bottom.
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