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1 This template is for adding a hidden count meant for use in a sortable table.


{{ hcount | countername }}

where countername is the name of the counter being used. This parameter is required. Place this template at the beginning of each cell of a given column.


Please be sure to first reset the counter before making any calls to this template in order to a sufficiently high enough by using the {{hresetcount}} template:

{{hresetcount | countername}}

This ensures that the table is sorted correctly (in proper numerical order). You may also reset up to 6 counters with the {{hresetcount}} template. (Note that brackets denote optional parameters):

{{hresetcount | countername1 [ |countername2 ] [ | countername3 ] [ |countername4 ] [ |countername5 ] [ |countername6 ] }}

Optionally, you may set the initial value to something other than the default value of 10,000. (However, this is not recommended and in most cases, unnecessary):

{{hresetcount | countername | v=100000 }}

This resets the counter to a value of 100,000.

Technical Information:

  • The counter in hcount is separate from that of vcount. The vcount template appends "_visible" to the counter name specified in the first parameter.

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