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[edit] Section names, multi-category items

Currently the section names are:

  • DVDs and CDs
  • Playsets & Toys!
  • Gift Cards
  • Other

However currently the store's layout is:

  • Board Game
  • Toys [it looks like "Playsets and Toys!" became "Toys" sometime in 2019]
  • Shirts [obviously this is covered in the other article]
  • DVDs & CDs
  • Gift Cards

In addition to being different from the wiki article, some offerings are in different sections. For instance, minis and meeples appear in both "Board Game" and Toys". The Enamel Pin set is under "Board Game"; there is no "Other" category. The "Board Game" category also includes a t-shirt. Are we 'grandfathering in' the existing sections, or does this page need reworking to match the current storefront? If updated, how should we reflect items being in multiple categories? -- Bleu Ninja 20:57, 3 August 2021 (UTC)

Update - went ahead and updated these. "Playsets &" has been removed from the current "Toys" section but I left it as-is in the "Discontinued" section. I also used "see" links for ones that are in multiple categories (just the "Board Game" ones for now), deferring to what the store's drop-down menu selection puts them in for which is the "main". I could also just see those being removed. -- Bleu Ninja 22:58, 1 January 2022 (UTC)
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