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I'm left handed and yet I never realized that either, about the text on pens and pencils that is. Who'ddathunk? You must be a pencil industry insider or something, thanks for blowing the whistle on that one, now I'm even more aware of the prejudices perpetrated against me for my handedness orientation.

This was one of those, "Wow, someone noticed that? That's so cool!" moments for me as well. I'm thinking The Brothers Chaps just put the text upside down for no particular reason, but this still is a very cool observation. -- Tom 22:45, 30 Jan 2005 (MST)
Are you sure they're manufactured 'right handed'? It's never made any difference to me whether the text on the pen or pencil is up, down, or sideways; it writes the same in any orientation. Trelawney
I'm with Trelawney. Scissors, that makes sense as a special left handed item, but Pens, Hammers, it's kinda senseless to try and make a "version" for us lefties, when it ends up almost exactly the same. Thunderbird 05:06, 29 April 2006 (UTC

The page says their are four version's of the stories behind the couch patch. There are only three, Strong Bad's, Strong Sad's, and Coach Z's. I assume the reference on this page includes Homestar's story about teddy grahams, but that was a non sequitur that had nothing to do with the couch patch. The article also says that:"It has been noted that the "Light Pen" Strong Bad uses is left-handed." However, the permanent marker is also apparently left handed, because there is a picture of it on the right of the page that clearly shows its upside down text. I'm going to change the "four" to "three", but leave the other part open to discussion.

Whoops, just realised that "light pen" refers to the permanent marker, not the white-out pen24.80.30.65Tristan Again

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